Gamify your customer insights


We believe that every company should have enough customer insight to provide the very best services for their customers.

We believe that games can help us make that dream a reality.


We develop gamification content which gathers and analyzes data to help you understand and grow your business.

By engaging your customers with gamified content we can continuously gather the required data.


We design and develop gamified applications for any platform using a wide range of skills and tools from the games industry.

With our knowledge from the games industry we can ensure a unique product every time.

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Thomas Telving

CEO - Trivial Business

"Fenrir Game Studio builds solid solutions that can be changed quickly and flexibly and possess a deep insight into the field between games and learning.

Their involvement in further developing our onboarding game has been completely invaluable. At the same time they are super sympathetic and pleasant to cooperate with.

They have our warmest recommendations."

Mattis Willms

Administrative Director & General Manager - Bonbon-Land AS

"We have long talked about how we could engage children (and parents) while waiting in a queue or while eating an ice cream.

We are excited to introduce our new game, which is entirely in our spirit."