We enlighten and inspire businesses to use engaging activities to learn about their customers.


Our goal is engage users with our products and make the world a better place with better games.


With our products your customers have an opportunity to influence and change your business.

Meet Team Fenrir

Get to know the motivated people behind Insightful Gamification.

Kenneth ‘Light’ Berle

Technical lead

Leads the development of your creative vision and designs a technical solution for our team to craft your specific product

Pirate Holtmann

production manager

Organizes the development of your dearest creations through feedback sessions with our dedicated teams

Hans ‘The Man’ Hummelgaard

audio designer

Composes compelling soundtracks and engaging sound effects in order for your customers to become immersed with your product

Patrick ‘Guna’ Johansen

Web developer

Develops and maintains web based solutions and organizes your data storage for your insightful needs